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We've decided to part with our high-potential domain: is For Sale to the best offer. 

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The domain that most closely resembles is:
which is presently owned by Symbol Technologies: a digital hardware company, specializing in wireless technologies . . .   by my own definition. which is a Symbols Encyclopedia that bills itself as; "the world's largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols!".

If you are in or entering a market similar to either of the aforementioned web sites, we would suggest that you thoroughly test the legalities and risks for possible infringement violations before attempting to compete through the establishment of on the WWWeb.


A good source to check for possible trademark conflicts would be the
USPTO Web Trademark Database.  The US Patent and Trademark Office offers a free-use trademark search engine and claims to be up-to-date to within 3-4 months. Unfortunately the only way to get complete and up-to-date information is to physically arrive at the Public Patent Search and Image Retrieval Facility and use their automated search tools. 

When using the USPTO search engine I suggest that you search for many possible variations on the domain name   Here are a few suggestions (searching again each time with the (s) on the end is implied): atsymbol, at symbol, symbol, at symbol dot com, @ symbol dot com, @ and so on and on . . .  until your eyes completely glaze over.  

A search for the @ symbol itself brought findings about registered drawings of the @ icon, distinguished by their nuance of design.  Don't take my word on this, but I think that trying to patent the @ symbol itself would be once removed from attempting to patent a letter of the alphabet, i.e... quite impossible.

Another source would be:    This service is $35 for a (1) hour search
and gives access to the US Federal Trademark Database.   
-----The only reason I can find to suggest the use of this pay-for search engine would be the condensed manner in which it sends you batched information . . . but I don't claim to be an expert on either of these engines and there may be a way, that I haven't yet found, of doing the same thing on the USPTO no-fee engine.

The above information is by suggestion only and is in no way meant to imply a complete listing of possible findings from the US Federal Trademark Database or meant to imply that the aforementioned sources are the only ones available.

This research was done in 2005 and may no longer hold true...


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We would be happy to answer or help direct you to the answers to any questions you might have about the purchasing process.

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