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We've decided to part with two of our high-potential domains. and
are For Sale to the highest bidder.

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As a means to eliminate any competitive attempt at taking advantage of the marketing potentials for this domain, the eventual owner will also gain exclusive rights to   Of course, the choice would then be yours as to which domain you would choose to brand upon the publics psyche.

The asking price is: $70,000

If a reasonable offer is not received by - June 1, 2001 - these domain names will go on the auction block and be sold to the highest bidder.

Also . . . by this time (June 1, 2001) we intend to commission the services of a domain name sales agent to assist us in the selling of these choice URLs.  In either case, (i.e... whether they sell before or after we go to auction) we intend to commission an escrow broker to conduct the legalities of the final transaction.

We would be happy to answer (to the best of our abilities) or help direct you to the answers for any questions you might have about the purchasing process or pre-purchasing research process.  But first, please go to FYI

For further information about the asking price or to make an offer . . .   please contact us . . .

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